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A Dollywood Season Pass - the Christmas gift memories are made of

Calling all parents!!

I have a solution to this after Christmas madness!!

All parents know what this is a picture's the junk that your kids get for Christmas. It entertains them for a day and then becomes shrapnel for your feet. Yea.. now you know what I am talking about!! I finally got tired of this nonsense and banned my family from purchasing junk for my kids.

I wanted them to have meaningful that would create memories. The toy that is thrown behind the couch means nothing. The time that we share together is priceless. So, several years ago, I got the idea to ask my mother to purchase us Dollywood season passes for Christmas. She agreed that this was the perfect idea. It turns out that right before the Christmas holiday is THE PERFECT time to purchase these season passes. Dollywood usually offers a GREAT Black Friday deal that includes the rest of that year's holiday season (think opening up the season passes Christmas morning and heading to Dollywood to celebrate the remaining holiday season) AND the next years full season. Also, they have historically thrown in the free bring a friend passes. This worked out great with our girls as they were able to bring friends along for free to enjoy their Christmas presents. Now, you may say this is boring and kids won't understand. But, once they get it the first year and get to go to the parks, they will keep asking for it year after year. I know mine look forward to this gift every year.

I also remind them that every time they go into the park that they can think their grandparents for this fun day. This season give the gift of memories!!

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