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Honeymoon Dreams

Updated: Feb 12, 2020


In the quietest of pre-dawn hours, a soft smile spreads across your lips as your dreams carry you far away from the frosty winter chill that waits just outside your bedroom windows to a place far, far away—the place where you will begin your journey together as husband and wife.

Where are you?

Do you dream of a romantic sunset on the southwestern coast of Jamaica, as you and the man whose name you now share embrace by a fire pit overlooking the blue-gray waters that gently lap against the sandy shore?

Do you feel the warm ocean breeze flowing through your hair as you stand near the bow of what feels like a massive city on the water, as your husband does his best “Jack” impersonation holding you from behind while you stretch your arms wide and giggle “I’m flying”?

Are you squinting your eyes against glare of the Mediterranean sun reflecting off the snow-white buildings with their blue capped roofs that are seemingly carved into the cliffside, while he does his best to capture the perfect image for the ‘Gram?

Does the unmistakable smell of coconut and pineapple fill your senses, as you feel the grainy, black lava sand between your toes while you sip a Mai Tai on a remote Hawaiian beach?

Do you feel the vibrations deep in your bones from the loud, rhythmic beats of the DJs mix, as a hot Nevada sun beats down on the pool packed with weekend partiers?

The rhythmic beeping of your morning alarm interrupts your nightly journey to YOUR far away paradise, but you quickly realize that it’s not just a dream; it’s a vision—of your future together.

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